Sim Live with Roll over to Live Audio

What are you trying to do? (Detailed description)
Make my Sim Live Event with Roll Over to Live Audio seamless.

What is the challenge you’re experiencing?
The Presenter Bridge is not as clear when you log in via webcam to record your session and the overall quality is so horrible that we don’t dial in to record our sessions.

Do you have a workaround that you use right now?
Trying to avoid a roll over ass much as possible

Is the problem you’re experiencing the audio quality of the recordings when you are pre-recording your sessions via the Simu-live event and then playing then, while the rollover audio quality is actually good?

Sorry, trying to better understand the question.

The quality of the Presenter Bridge is not the same as when you record a sim live using a Webcam/Mic. My issue is that as far as my clients know everything is Live but when it Rolls Over to the Phone Bridge there is a obvious change in the audio. I like to record my Sim Live’s using Webcam and Mic as the audio is clearer. I currently do the whole “Asking and Answering” seeded questions but would really like to do actual live Q&A. I was wondering if I missing something to make the transition more seamless.

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The only thing I can think of is that you could try using a VoIP solution to “call” into the phone bridge with your computer and use the Microphone on your computer over the bridge (or hook it up to your phone if that’s possible)… unless you already tried that.

It’s possible, however, that phone call audio quality just won’t meet the same standard as microphone through the computer. Phone calls aren’t normally high quality unless they are between two devices which have high quality audio enabled.

Thanks Mike I am going to try the VoIP through my computer.